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Procedure for Getting Scholarships

Criteria for Award of Frontier Education Foundation Scholarship


The criteria for award of scholarship would be merit-cum-inaffordability/poverty to be determined by the Head of Public and Private Sector institutes.


The eligible candidates:

a. Parents/Guardians income should be equal to or less than Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand only) per month.

b.Should have scored at least 60% marks in the last attended examination

c.Of non-salaried persons, would submit income certificate obtained from concerned Deputy Commissioner or District Revenue Officer, clearly showing amount of total monthly income from all sources

d.Of deceased parents will submit the death certificate duly verified from NADRA


A student in receipt of any other scholarship will not be entitled to this scholarship unless he/she waves off his/her claim for the other scholarship.


All students of both public and private educational institutions, including those run by autonomous body which are approved by the Board of Directors of Foundation can apply for Frontier Education Foundation Scholarship.


Scholarships are awarded for intermediate and degree level programs approved by the Board, usually in the field of Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Biotechnology, Bio information, Microbiology, Statistics, Operational Research Management Science, Economics, Politics, Psychology, and International Relations.


Application forms complete in all respect duly recommended for the award of scholarships by the head of the concerned institution, would be forwarded to FEF


Only those students will be eligible for the award of this scholarship who are domiciled in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Settled areas only within Pakistan) and studying in recognized/registered Private and Public sector institutes including those run by autonomous bodies within Pakistan.


The application forms shall be designed and printed by Foundation as per its own requirements from time to time. Application forms shall be displayed on the website of Foundation.


Scholarship will be paid through cheques to the heads of institutions who will be responsible for proper disbursement and audit.


The head of institutions shall process these applications through a selection committee.


The submission of the acquaintance Roll of the awardees students will be the sole responsibility of concerned head of institution.


The renewal of the scholarship will be on the basis of good behavior and linked with passing each subsequent examination with at least 60% marks.


In case of tie in merit weightage will be give to poorer.


No Principal/Dean of a faculty in the public/private sector shall have the authority to change names of awardees, the amount of the scholarship and the number of awardees.


Proper advertisement shall be give in leading newspapers by Foundation and a copy of the advertisement be invariably placed on the notice boards of the educational institutions which are included in Foundation Scholarship Programs.





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